Bee bread

The indoor bees are thriving. Two brood boxes and a super given over to the queen makes an awful lot of bees to release in a small space and when I checked yesterday they’d expanded to sixteen frames of brood – which means in a little under two weeks there will be a hell of … Continue reading Bee bread

Not Cross Buns

Hello there. It’s that time of year when seasonal spicy buns are in the shops again ( actually they’ve been in the shops since bleedin’ January). I would never stoop to buying such things, have a fundamental problem with the usual decoration and have a load of whey to use up so here are my … Continue reading Not Cross Buns

Whey to go

It’s been a while – I’ve been busy and crap’s been happening.  I’m on a hospital ward at the moment with several feet of tubing stuck out of my neck. Also an apology about photo quality – I’ve had to use the phone as all my cameras are tied up with filming. Last time I … Continue reading Whey to go

Soda bread

Here’s a quickie for you – cinnamon and apple soda breads, you can have them on the plate in less than half an hour. Soda bread goes stale quite quickly so plan on eating them as soon as they’re done or warm them again and have them the day after. Once again I did everything … Continue reading Soda bread