Bee bread

The indoor bees are thriving. Two brood boxes and a super given over to the queen makes an awful lot of bees to release in a small space and when I checked yesterday they’d expanded to sixteen frames of brood – which means in a little under two weeks there will be a hell of … Continue reading Bee bread

Not Cross Buns

Hello there. It’s that time of year when seasonal spicy buns are in the shops again ( actually they’ve been in the shops since bleedin’ January). I would never stoop to buying such things, have a fundamental problem with the usual decoration and have a load of whey to use up so here are my … Continue reading Not Cross Buns

Whey to go

It’s been a while – I’ve been busy and crap’s been happening.  I’m on a hospital ward at the moment with several feet of tubing stuck out of my neck. Also an apology about photo quality – I’ve had to use the phone as all my cameras are tied up with filming. Last time I … Continue reading Whey to go

Scone with the wind

It’s awfully blowy outside. I’m not getting a lot of sleep because I have to have my foot elevated on a stack of pillows and everytime I hear a clatter outside I think the beehive has fallen over and spend five minutes putting on my magic boot so I can hop to the window and … Continue reading Scone with the wind