Well hello there!  I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties – all my spare time has been taken up practising for a children’s chemistry party I’m doing at the end of the month.  There will be flashes,  there will be bangs,  there will be slime – and I’m not entirely sure it’s washable. But I digress,  … Continue reading Regicide

Not Cross Buns

Hello there. It’s that time of year when seasonal spicy buns are in the shops again ( actually they’ve been in the shops since bleedin’ January). I would never stoop to buying such things, have a fundamental problem with the usual decoration and have a load of whey to use up so here are my … Continue reading Not Cross Buns

Bee movie

I seem to remember this used to be a blog about bees. The sun is shining,  birds are singing and the bees are most definitely buzzing. You may recall I had a bit of an altercation last year with some jerk from down the street and that I was planning on moving a hive to … Continue reading Bee movie