Well hello there!  I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties – all my spare time has been taken up practising for a children’s chemistry party I’m doing at the end of the month.  There will be flashes,  there will be bangs,  there will be slime – and I’m not entirely sure it’s washable. But I digress,  … Continue reading Regicide

Eye candy

Winter is leering over the corner of the calendar like a teenage boy at the window of an underwear store.  Halloween is upon us and my duties to the bees this week were simply to lift a corner of the hives and see if they took the hint and stored the sugar I’ve been feeding … Continue reading Eye candy

The Duel

Opening the hive yesterday I found an intruder. Another type of social insect – a wasp. I actually like wasps, they’re as fascinating as bees, early in the year they do a great job hunting and consuming insect pests. Like bees they also build huge communal nests but rather than using wax, they collect and … Continue reading The Duel

Social Insects

I didn’t realise how casual our attitude had become towards bees until we had people round for a meal the other night. Our dining room backs onto the garden. When I’ve finished bothering the bees I usually drop my suit by the back door meaning to put it away later after I’ve tripped over it … Continue reading Social Insects