Cysing up

With the pears out of the way for the moment it’s time to turn to what’s become an annual ritual, pressing the apples. Unlike beer, I only get one shot a year at this. Loosing a batch of stout might be annoying but I can have another batch on the go in days, loosing cid/cys/er … Continue reading Cysing up

Art therapy 

Well hello there.  Before you go any further,  this is going to get a bit sweary.  You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit sparse on posting this year. I’m still tending my bees but other things have taken priority.  Mum got diagnosed with cancer in March and before treatment even got sorted,  she … Continue reading Art therapy 

Currying some flavour 

Hey wow,  turns out posts about recipes are more popular than posts about bee keeping, who’d have guessed?  In the spirit of shameless populism,  here’s a recipe. Normally we do anything to avoid buying imported veg but if it’s  in the Dead and Dying section it’s fair game which is why Friday nights meal was … Continue reading Currying some flavour